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About Us

Australian made women’s wear label Amiss, was founded in 2021 under the artistic vision of Vanessa Gray. The name "Amiss" holds a profound significance, as it mirrors the very essence of her design philosophy and personal journey with fashion. Amiss, meaning something not quite right, something delightfully out of place, perfectly embodies Vanessa's vision of finding beauty in imperfection and asymmetry. Her designs are crafted with utmost care, drawing inspiration from the natural world that surrounds us, steering clear from the allure of fast fashion trends and manufactured perfection.

For Vanessa, Amiss also holds a deeply personal significance. Growing up as a woman of color, she found herself navigating a world where fashion often presented limiting and standardized beauty standards. However, Vanessa chose to defy the norms and embraced fashion as a powerful tool of self-expression. Fashion became her means of celebrating her uniqueness, rather than conforming to the expectations of others. The word "amiss" resonates with her experiences, reminding her of the strength found in embracing what sets us apart and honoring the beauty that lies within individuality.

Amiss is an enchanting voyage of unapologetic elegance, where each creation tells a story of embracing diversity and relishing the profound allure that arises from being effortlessly, authentically amiss.