Our CSR and Sustainability Ethos

At Amiss, we value ethics, sustainability, and human rights in all levels of our supply chain. We are at the beginning of this journey and hope to evolve as more sustainable processes become accessible to smaller batch orders.

It's important that you to know how the products you're buying are being made - and we aim to provide full transparency.

We only produce small runs of 100 units and pre-sell our popular items, to ensure that each garment is going to someone that loves it.

Our pieces are ethically made in a small family-owned factory in Guangzhou, China that has been carefully selected and meets all our criteria. Since we are based in Australia, we have outsourced an independent company to oversee our factory and ensure that all workers are safe, happy, and adequately remunerated for their work.

Our chosen manufacturer is BSCI and ISO certified. This means that there is

- No discrimination;

- Fair remuneration;

- Reasonable working hours;

- WHS;

- No child labour;

- No precarious employment;

- No bonded labour;

- Protection of the environment; and

- Ethical business behaviour

in our manufacturing process.

All of our packaging has been carefully selected as it is always the easiest step towards sustainability. All our mailers use biodegradable packaging and our boxes are FSC certified.

We are not perfect due to our use of polyester; but we are consciously committed to finding environmental ways to evolve - and not just as a marketing ploy. Fabric impact is complicated and we encourage you to research different fabrications and their impacts on the environment. All fabrics have an impact unless they are vintage, so it is hard to avoid. As we grow, our goal is to improve the transparency of our supply chain, and create business models that allow us to use deadstock fabric and recycled mateirals.

With every collection we aim to improve our footprint. Going sustainable is expensive (without mass production) which makes it hard to balance while maintaining a good price for you. With growth and purchasing power we get closer to affording our environmental targets.

Sustainability is a major focus at Amiss and something we will always work towards.

We always love to hear your thoughts on how can we do more good for people and the environment. It is important that you as consumers hold us accountable and help us action change.